The world of audio branding


The fascinating field of audio branding has only been recently recognized in the world of media and marketing, although, to some level it existed for some time, a specific example being the iconic lion’s roar belonging to the MGM studios, which started to be used in the first talking movies.

Since then it evolved rapidly and nowadays it can define a company trough the clever and unique use of proprietary sounds and music. The use of visuals are just not enough to get the most out of a it, that’s when the audio branding comes into play and is an essential component to maximize a product’s value.

As our tools and machines used today have become increasingly silent, paradoxically we are feeling the need to rely on designed sounds, created to simulate an effect. For example, the developers of the touchscreen devices are putting time and energy to create unique audio effects for their digital keyboards.

The computer creators of the 90s felt the urge to add sonic elements to their products, at first to give their customers a relaxed, controlling feel when booting the machine but gradually introduced all sorts of sounds that would play when different actions occurred, prototype versions of the audios we can hear today when emptying a recycle bin or an error occurs.

But can a simple sound emulate any mood or atmosphere? Almost, but specialists warn us that modifying a customer’s relationship with a company simply by using a bunch of audio signals is at most an unrealistic expectation. After all, the use of sound is just creative strategy, not an exact science.

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